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Rhodes Law, P.C. is dedicated to restoring honest people in Northwest Georgia back to the lives they love after an accident. Accidents can happen and affect anyone at any time. The physical and emotional pain caused by unfortunate and unforeseen events can completely disrupt our daily routine, destroy our peace of mind, and consume our lives. The goal of Rhodes Law, P.C., is to simplify the process of our clients’ recovery by providing exceptional personal service and legal assistance to those who have been harmed by no fault of their own.

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Why Do I need a Lawyer?
Most people dislike the idea of lawsuits. Many potential clients consider themselves “not the suing type” and do not want the opposing party to be punished for a mistake — in reality, when you are harmed, you are only fighting the insurance company. Companies, professionals, and individuals buy insurance policies so the insurance companies can compensate people when they are harmed.
What is the up-front of obtaining a lawyer?
In the vast majority of accident cases, you pay nothing up-front to hire a lawyer. Generally, lawyers take accidents cases on what is called a contingency fee. This means you only pay legal fees is you recover on your claim. The lawyer gets paid when you get paid.
Do I still have to pay my medical bills during my case?
Often lawyers can convince hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers to delay demanding payment for medical bills while a legal case is going on. These medical providers know a major accident and the resulting medical expenses can be extremely expensive and will at times wait to be paid out of a settlement or verdict from the insurance company. Lawyers can send a document called a Letter of Protection or L.O.P. to medical providers explaining that you were hurt in an accident and requesting the medical expenses be paid by the insurance company at the close of your case. Medical providers generally only honor Letters of Protection drafted and sent by lawyers. Letters of Protection delaying payment for medical expenses greatly assist many people who have been harmed and enable them to achieve the best possible outcome out of their situation.

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